Wearable Doctors

Wearable Doctors

“Medical wearables work intimately with one another and with third party software, introducing whole new complexities in ensuring their safety, quality and reliability. Compromise is not an option when the slightest hardware or software failure can be fatal.”

Peter Havel 
Global Head of Medical & Health Services, Product Service Division, TÜV SÜD 

Infographic: Transforming the way we track, manage and improve our health

Wearables are in. No industry is untouched by them, and that goes for healthcare too. Wearable medical devices are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. While they promise to deliver remarkable improvements in healthcare, they also introduce unexpected risks. Thankfully, the right global expertise and standards can ensure responsible innovation in this space.

Click here to download the infographic [ PDF 683 kB ]

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