Understanding the current safety landscape

The TÜV SÜD Safety Gauge analyses corporate product safety practices alongside consumer attitudes and experiences. Findings are based on extensive independent research covering 4 key product segments across China, Germany, India and the United States (U.S.). These countries are ranked within the world’s top 10 economies and collectively account for 46.6% of global GDP.

The research reveals that consumers want safer products and are willing to pay a premium for them. At the same time, businesses report that the cost of safety is falling and fewer believe that product safety is an issue. Yet despite increasing business confidence, around 2 in 3 consumers continue to experience safety issues.

The combination of rising consumer demand and falling business costs points to an opportunity to give consumers safer products without impacting profit. Download the report to find out how you can make a compelling case for product safety.

Drawing insights from key findings

Making the case for product safety

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Introducing the research methodology

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