White Paper: Equipment qualification for nuclear power plants

Ensuring the compliance of safety-critical nuclear equipment


As the world moves away from traditional fossil fuels towards clean energy alternatives, demand for nuclear power has risen. With both developed and developing countries expanding and refining their nuclear programmes, energy providers are faced with the challenge of producing plants that comply with national and international quality and safety requirements while remaining on-time and on-budget. 

Through equipment qualification, project owners can assure themselves of their nuclear power plant’s safety and resilience in any event. 

Download this white paper written by TÜV SÜD experts, and get exclusive access to the latest insights on how you can make your nuclear equipment compliant.

Why download the white paper?

Learn more about equipment qualification for nuclear power plants through our white paper, which covers:

  • Challenges in qualifying equipment
  • Phases of the equipment qualification process
  • What you need to do in each phase of the process

About the experts

Fabian Engeser

Head of Department, "Equipment Qualification and Conformity Assessment" and "Decommissioning, Waste Management"

Fabian Engeser is a qualified physicist with experience in various fields of nuclear technology. Since joining TÜV SÜD in 2009, he has worked on various special issues in the field of mechanical components, including nuclear fuel and technical modifications. Over the course of his career, he has been responsible for the technical project coordination of review processes, including ‘leak-before-break’ and the approval of quality documents for nuclear power plants outside of Germany.

Dr. rer. nat. Lars-Thilo Voss

Head of Division, "International Projects"

Lars-Thilo Voß is a highly qualified physicist with extensive experience in the fields of nuclear safety, nuclear technology and project management. With over a decade of practical experience in aging management, component behaviour, and plant safety and optimisation, he is well-known as a project manager who has led diverse projects related to nuclear safety in Germany and abroad, and as a specialist for external hazards involved in the German (RSK) stress tests and the European stress test.

Karl Götz

Head of the Department, "Safety and Risk Management", and Deputy Head of Division, "Plant Operation and Risk Management"

An expert in the field of nuclear power with over two decades of experience, Karl Götz is an engineer and project manager with extensive technical experience at various nuclear-licensed sites and is skilled in mechanical engineering safety and reliability analysis software and tools. Since joining TÜV SÜD in 1989, he has worked on nuclear safety, including safety reviews, reliability data extraction and analysis, probabilistic and deterministic safety assessments, safety assessment of plant modifications and optimisation, evaluation of operational experience, and concept evaluation for new-build projects. He is also a reliability engineering expert, providing advisory services in industry sectors such as aviation, rail, chemical, and logistics.

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